Boycott Shipt and Protest Shipt's Essential Worker Pay Cut!

Happening at Shipt's HQ in Birmingham and Target's HQ in Minneapolis

Shipt is cutting the pay of its essential workers nationwide, right in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, by forcing its workers to transition to a nontransparent black box pay scale that they did not want. The Shipt List will be protesting and fighting for the rights of all Shipt workers to receive fair and equitable pay. Read more about why we protest and how you can participate, even if you cannot join us!

The SHIpT List In The Press

One of the biggest avenues to bringing positive change to Shipt is through extensive media interviews on the full range of issues we face. We look forward to continued partnership with journalists and media outlets as we hold Shipt accountable for its unethical labor practices.

The issues that we have with Shipt are not mere theories or frustrated sentiments. Instead, they are backed by significant amounts of research and crowdsourced data collected from the experiences and data voluntarily supplied to our group by thousands of Shipt Shoppers nationwide, who represent nearly all markets that Shipt serves. Shipt has largely chosen to deny all of our findings. We are eager and willing to share our research, findings, and personal stories with any credible media outlet; and we can back up any claims we make with shopper testimonials, screenshots, data, and ample supporting evidence.

As the number of issues that shoppers have with Shipt HQ increases, more and more Shipt Shoppers are willing to courageously take risks, share their stories, and speak out, both named and anonymously. We have long lists of active Shipt Shoppers available for media interviews in nearly all markets that Shipt serves.

For media inquiries, please contact us at or

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