Boycott Shipt and Protest Shipt's Essential Worker Pay Cut!

Happening at Shipt's HQ in Birmingham and Target's HQ in Minneapolis

Shipt is cutting the pay of its essential workers nationwide, right in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, by forcing its workers to transition to a nontransparent black box pay scale that they did not want. The Shipt List will be protesting and fighting for the rights of all Shipt workers to receive fair and equitable pay. Read more about why we protest and how you can participate, even if you cannot join us!

What is The SHIpT List?

The SHIpT List is a collective of Shipt Shoppers uniting together to hold Shipt accountable for unethical labor practices and bring positive change to the Shipt world, and to the broader world of gig work.

Since Shipt sold out to Target in 2017, Shoppers have watched Shipt’s treatment of their Shoppers dramatically decline. Lowered pay. Censorship. Tips withheld. Labor misclassification. The list goes on and on. Shoppers bring in millions of dollars of profit each year for Shipt and Target, and we simply believe that Shipt HQ should value their people over their profits.

In early 2020, a group of Shoppers said enough is enough, and The SHIpT List formed as a grassroots shopper-led volunteer collective advocacy organization. Since our inception, we have been advocating for shoppers on multiple fronts, even committing our own resources to our fight to benefit other Shipt shoppers and all gig workers.

Here are some of the wins that The SHIpT List has accomplished over the past few months…

Fall 2020: MIT Analysis of Shipt Shopper Pay

We worked with hundreds of Shipt shoppers to partner with labor rights advocates at and Ph.D.-level researchers at an Ivy League school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to analyze Shipt's new blackbox shopper pay. The findings were shared with the press, and confirm our assertions that Shipt is indeed substantially cutting shopper pay.

Fall 2020: Nationwide Shipt Boycotts

When the V2/V3 nontransparent black box pay scale went nationwide, The SHIpT List organized a nationwide boycott of Shipt. Shoppers refused to take orders, and many members declined to place orders.

As with previous shopper boycotts, we obtained a massive amount of media coverage from an even larger variety of media outlets than we had previously obtained, and after seeing significant growth in the size and engagement of our movement, we were able to organize and hold protests at Shipt HQ in Birmingham and Target HQ in Minneapolis.

Although we still are not happy with Shipt's responses, we forced Shipt to respond in the media to our shopper concerns.

Spring/Summer 2020: Reduced Censorship of Shopper Concerns

We have seen the level of censorship within the Shipt Shopper Lounge Facebook group decrease somewhat due to the work of The SHIpT List.

April and May 2020: Multiple Bonuses For Shoppers

After our interview with The Hill at the beginning of April, Shipt knew that something was coming and announced a spot bonus. On April 6, we announced a Walk Off for the next day, April 7. On April 7, the bonus was given and Shipt dropped a thank-you video to try to win Shopper support.

On May 1st, we organized another shopper strike. Extensive media coverage throughout the month of May put Shipt in a negative light forced Shipt HQ to give Shoppers another bonus to try to buy back Shopper sentiment, once again.

April 2020: Return of Meijer Tips to Shoppers Withheld by Shipt

In an article released on April 6, Shipt publicly acknowledged they had withheld tips from 700 Shoppers which was brought to their attention by The SHIpT List.

April 2020: Cancelled Order Pay Increases by Shipt

We were able to secure an interview with The Hill at the end of March. On April 2nd, The Hill reported on Shipt cutting pay for canceled orders. When the reporter from The Hill interviewed Shipt HQ, he let on that something big was coming – and it wasn’t good. As a direct result, we saw that some of the cancelled order pay was reinstated with a minimum of $5 per canceled order (as compared to pay as low as 29 cents).

April 2020: Covid-19 Pandemic PPE For Shoppers

Throughout the early stages of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, shoppers all across the country consistently met with the media. Due to negative PR, Shipt was forced to give Shoppers PPE kits.

At first, these kits were only for “active” shoppers and did not include masks. However, under continued pressure, personal protective equipment, including masks, became available to all Shipt shoppers.

The Fight Continues...

While we are excited for the many wins that we have had in such a short time period, there are still many more issues The SHIpT List is tirelessly working on, such as:

  • An end to corporate censorship of shopper concerns in both the Shipt Shopper Lounge and in all metro groups
  • A transparent pay scale formula
  • An end to blackbox pay scale formulas that can be "adjusted" without notice given
  • Fair, just, and equitable wages
  • COVID-19 pandemic assistance pay to active shoppers who test positive or are otherwise required to quarantine
  • COVID-19 hazard pay to compensate shoppers for the inherent risks to their health during this pandemic
  • Processes for shoppers in individual metros to escalate unaddressed local or regional issues to Shipt HQ
  • ...and more!