Boycott Shipt and Protest Shipt's Essential Worker Pay Cut!

Happening at Shipt's HQ in Birmingham and Target's HQ in Minneapolis

Shipt is cutting the pay of its essential workers nationwide, right in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, by forcing its workers to transition to a nontransparent black box pay scale that they did not want. The Shipt List will be protesting and fighting for the rights of all Shipt workers to receive fair and equitable pay. Read more about why we protest and how you can participate, even if you cannot join us!

Shipt Shoppers: Get Involved and Hold Shipt Accountable!

There are numerous ways for you to get involved in our collective and hold Shipt accountable for its unethical labor practices.

Join the SHIpT List Facebook Group

Step 1: Read the Facebook Group About Page.

Step 2: Answer the membership questions.

Step 3: You will be vetted and approved ASAP!

Send Us Documentation of Issues

Having an issue with Shipt? If you have documentation of issues, please send it to us at This may include screenshots of despicably low order payouts that paid below minimum wage, conversations with customers saying that they cannot tip, screenshots of communications with HQ, or anything that just does not look or feel right. We can never have too much data!

The SHIpT list
Private Group
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***It is important to read the ABOUT section before joining*** This group was created to fight for fair pay and transparency for all shoppers. Please understand and support our mission. Do not ridicule members for being supportive of our fight. We are a group of Shipt workers uniting together. Shipt workers have always been censored by corporate employees, and we're trying to break the cult-like culture. This is a safe place to discuss our issues. This group is a Private Members only group. Membership and content is completely off limits to Shipt HQ employees, Target employees, Shipt Metro Leads, and any other Shipt or Target agents or representatives. Please simply acknowledge you have read and support our mission....

Talk to Other Shoppers in Your Area

The SHIpT List has seen tremendous growth already as shoppers have shared their concerns regarding Shipt with other shoppers in their area. Invite the other Shipt shoppers that you work with in your zones to join The SHIpT List and support our movement!

Reach Out to Shipt HQ

Shipt loves to deny that something is a reported issue, despite thousands of shoppers constantly reporting the same issues over and over again. When you tell Shipt that something is an issue, Carbon Copy (cc) The SHIpT List on it at If you call them, please record the conversation and email it to us at

Talk to Reporters

Email reporters yourself and let them know what’s going on in your area. Reporters are always interested in hearing authentic and real stories of shoppers.

If you are interested, get on our “Media Sources List.” If you wish, you can tell your story anonymously. We have already seen that press coverage and community pressure is a powerful force for good that forces Shipt to change its ways.

Sign the Petition to end V2/V3 Pay Cuts

A shopper-initiated petition is circulating on to end the new V2/V3 pay scale and to not cut shopper pay during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please sign the petition and share it with your friends and fellow shoppers. With every signature, our collective voice gets even louder!

Contact Your Government Officials

Nobody would accept a 9-5 job, do the work, and then wait to find out what their pay will be. But yet, Shipt is trying to devalue you by forcing you to do just that. Advocate for pay transparency from Shipt and all gig-based companies. During this pandemic, Target and other retailers have given their essential employees hazard pay and PPE. Shipt is a subsidiary of Target, but has not been providing us with the hazard pay and PPE that we deserve.

Advocate that your city, county, and state mandate that hazard pay and PPE be provided by gig work providers at no cost for all gig workers across all industries. City councilmembers, mayors, county commissioners, and state legislators are always looking out for ways to support their constituents, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to them and utilize your power as a citizen and voter. Fight for your rights as a gig worker!

Then, contact your US senators and representatives to request an introduction of federal legislation to protect gig workers and a congressional inquiry into Shipt, their nontransparent blackbox pay scale, and their unethical labor practices.